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Help for small businesses to implement ISO management system standards

ISO has opened a new section on its Web site to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) achieve the benefits of implementing quality and environmental management systems based respectively on its ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.

“To encourage SME’s to use International Standards and to become more involved in developing them, ISO and its partners the International Electrotechnical Commission and the International Telecommunication Union have chosen SME’s and standardization as the theme for World Standards Day 2006, on 14 October.”

As a practical measure in support of this theme, ISO has added to the frequently visited ISO 9000/ISO 14000 section on its Web site a number of articles aimed at making it easier for small businesses to implement the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards that were being used by some 760 900 organizations in 154 countries at the end of 2004, according to The ISO Survey.

The articles, which first appeared in ISO Management Systems magazine, cover the following topics of particular interest to SME’s:

• Taking the first steps towards a quality management system

Having taken the decision to implement a quality management system, SME’s in particular are often unsure just how to get started. This article takes SME managers through the first steps and is based on advice given the ISO handbook ISO 9001 for Small Businesses

• Taking the first steps in environmental management

This article explains clearly how an SME can implement an environmental management system so that the process is not a series of hurdles, but rather a set of practical steps towards raising environmental and business performance.

• Quality management consultants: instructions for use

A decision to implement a quality management system may be the organization’s first real contact with the world of ISO 9000 – especially if it is an SME – and many turn to an external consultant for help. This article gives some helpful pointers.

• Implementing ISO 14001: do you hire a consultant, or Do-It-Yourself?

This article helps SME managers answer some essential questions. Should you hire a consultant to help with environmental management system implementation, or go it alone? What are the advantages and potential pitfalls? How can you get best value for money if you hire a consultant and are the criteria you should use for choosing one?

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Good reason to implement ISO 9001

Our research has some theoretical, societal and business implications. First, analyzing the many existing ISO 9000 studies to draw reliable and valid conclusions enriches the knowledge of ISO 9001 certification, and helps to resolve the debate on its impact.

Second, using the meta-analysis method gives future researchers a starting point by summarizing the studies carried out to date. It is also important for organizations considering ISO 9001 implementation since the process of obtaining certification and maintaining the system involves time, money and effort - and they need to know if these costs outweigh the benefits of better business performance.

Our findings indicated that, on average, ISO 9001-certified organizations achieve benefits, particularly from increased sales. Policy makers at the national level may see this as a good reason to encourage ISO 9001 implementation in their country.

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The conducted audit was comprehensive, and the auditor was easy to get on, His profound assistance was strictly professional. Explained the requirements in depth in most feasible manner. Reports were to the point without missing any breach.
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Shweta Singh

New Delhi, India
Received ISO:9001 certification for my organization. It helped us to facilitate our QMS and made some excellent internal improvements. ABC’s assistance and expert service throughout the project were commendable. They took the time to understand the organizational structure and our product-oriented services, and boost us to identify where the changes and improvements were required, so that we would work well with industry context.
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Avnish Thakur

New Delhi, India
You’d actually perceived our business and operations very quickly. The gap analysis report was very clear, about what had to be done, for the same thoughtful advice you gave to us. You didn't make it any more complicated than it needed to be. We really appreciated the way you worked with us to make sure we got certification quickly.
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Pawan Khandelwal

New Delhi, India
The environmental management has been well developed and implemented into our system. The simple yet robust documentation structure is apt for the expanse of the company and the type of services which we offered.
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Chandan Chaurasia

New Delhi, India